The Whore of Bearbalon: Christopher's Journal

Brain by Europe (Body made in the USA)

2 June 1976
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Born in Texas, raised in the beautiful Arizona highlands, and now living in Philadelphia, I'm a bear with way more interests than will fit in LJ's list. I'm married to a great guy, Ron (bearon68), and have been an active member of the SCA for many years—I was born and bred an Atenveldter, made a short sojourn in the Midrealm, and now find myself a happy subject of the People's Republic of the East. I enjoy hanging out with friends, doing calligraphy and illumination, reading, spending way too much time online, and I enjoy a host of other things. I spend way too much time reading my expanding friends list; my LJ buddies are a source of great delight for me. I'm a dedicant of Blue Star Wicca. I've been an Esperantist since I was 12, and I work at the University of Pennsylvania. I am two-thirds through an MA at Penn as well; the focus of my program (which is mostly self-directed) is Sexuality and Gender Studies as it relates to religion, which will only make me that much likelier to land a high-paying job as a Queer Religion wonk. Fortune 500, here I come!

I was known as anglicub for a long time but now I'm gullinbursti on here; Gullinbursti (Old Norse for "Golden-Bristled") is the golden boar made by the dwarfs for the god Freyr.

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